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Daytona Automatic

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Sensor Mounting Trough
Bearing Flange 4 Bolt
GAO-RD72660SH Gear Reducer 60:1 Qty EA
Coupling Shaft Reducer
Gripper Drive Cam
Bed Lift Cam
Vacuum Valve Plate-Movable
Vacuum Valve Plate
Gripper Cam Shaft
Head Lift Cam
GPIRE12LG Rod End Left
GPIRE12G Rod End Right Qty EA
Head Lift Camshaft
Solenoid 4-Way Valve
Pulley 4.7 PD
Pulley 4.95 PD
GA1-M1011DF Gripper Motor 1 HP 90VDC Qty EA
Vacuum Valve Actuator Cam
GPIMVL02 Vacuum Motor 230VAC Qty EA
Air Cylinder
Pillowblock 1-1/2"
Cam Programmer Assembly
Shock Absorber
Rear Shock Bracket
Gripper Upper
Gripper Lower
Socket Flat Head Screw 8-32x1"
Compression Spring
Spring Retainer Nut
GA1-CY1524PS Air Cylinder
Front Gripper Spacer Left
Front Gripper Spacer Right
Gripper Carriage Track Shaft
Pipe Flange
Vacuum Hose
Take-Off Cover
Peel Adjustment Angle
Peel Slide
Linear Bearing
Air Gauge
Bell Crank Plate
Connecting Rod
Feedboard Assembly
Feedboard Support Angle
Feedboard Support Rod
Jam Nut 3/4-16"
GPIRE08LG Rod End Left Hand
GPIRE08G Rod End Right Hand Qty EA
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