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Daytona Automatic

Item Number Description Add to Cart
Sheet Detector Bracket
Paper Holder
Paper Stop
Rear Screen Holder Assembly
K380626GA1 Chopper Knob Qty EA
Master Frame
Master Frame Tube Weldment Left
Master Frame Tube Weldment Right
Head Pivot Bracket Left
Head Pivot Bracket Right
Head Pivot Shaft
Microregister Outer Sleeve
Front Screenholder Assembly
K3806AXGA1 Chopper Control Knob Qty EA
GPINLF8 Nylon Bushing Qty EA
GPICY2416TM Air Cylinder Qty EA
Chopper Control Lock Knob
Chopper Actuating Lever
GA1-CS281206 Compression Spring
Collar 3/4"
Nylon Bushing 3/4" Bore
Chopper Clevis
Air Hose Support Bar
Air Hose
Squeegee/Flood Bar Holding Bar
Carriage Shaft Cross Bar
GPIBB707 Ball Bearing Qty EA
Timing Belt Take-Up Adjustment Clamp Left
Timing Belt Take-Up Adjustment Clamp Right
Timing Belt Take-Up Bracket Mounting Rod
Timing Belt
GA1-CY1832PS Air Cylinder Qty ea
Air Cylinder Attachment
Hi-Lift Shaft
Brake Disc
GA1-CY1508PL Air Cylinder
GPIBLT01040 Brake Belt Qty IN
Carriage Drive Center Support
Pivot Bracket
GPIFB16230 Bearing Flange 1" Bore Qty EA
GA1-M0511DF Motor 1/2 HP 90VDC Qty EA
Timing Belt 3/8" P x 1" W
Timing Sprocket 14 Tooth 3/8"P
Timing Sprocket 60 Tooth 3/8"P
Carriage Drive Shaft
Peel Cylinder Mounting Bracket Left
Peel Cylinder Mounting Bracket Right
Carriage Stroke Sensor Bar
GA1-SWP2410 Proximity Switch Qty EA
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