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American Cameo 18, 24, & 24SS

Item Number Description Add to Cart
GPI0001SW SPST Toggle Switch Qty EA
Pilot Light, 120V
GA1-136021 Push Button DPST Qty EA
GA1-136021G Push Button Guard Qty EA
GA1-136022G Push Button Cap, Green Qty EA
GA1-11671 Mod Pot, 1.0 Meg Qty EA
GPI8FF08 Fuse 8A/250V Qty EA
Fuse 10A/250V (F1)
GPI16627 Contactor, 2NO (C1) Qty EA
GA1-11606A Timer, 10 Second Delay (TM1)
GPI1164SW B-Position Switch (S1) Qty EA
GA1-116183 Mod Pot, 10K (R2, R3) Qty EA
Pilot Light, Yellow (L2)
Pilot Light, Green (L1)
GPI125VLWR Pilot Light, Red (L3) Qty EA
Terminal Strip
Fuseholder 2 Pole, 30A
GPI01FF01 Fuse 1A/250V (F1) Qty EA
GPIRLY4120 Relay, 4PDT/120V (K1) Qty EA
GPIRLY2120 Relay, DPDT/120V (K2,K3) Qty EA
Relay Base (K2,K3)
GPI1360391 Contactor 2NO/2NC Qty EA
Speed Controller
GPIRS5100 Resistor 5 OHM, 100 Watt(R4) Qty EA
GPIVSP304 Pulley, 5/8" B Qty EA
GPIVB4031 V-Belt, 31" Qty EA
GPIAK4110 Pulley, 5/8" B x 3.95" D Qty EA
GPIRE10GP Rod End Qty EA
GA1-M0511AF Drive Motor (18) Qty EA
GA1-M0511DF Drive Motor (24) Qty EA
11301CGA1 Cam Weldment for 18 Qty EA
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