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American Cameo 18, 24, & 24SS

Item Number Description Add to Cart
Head Track Right Hand (18)
Head Track Left Hand (24)
Head Track Right Hand (24)
11906GA1 Peel Tube Qty EA
11234GA1 Rear Control Link Qty EA
113810GA1 Hanger Qty EA
Screen Holder Bracket
11203AGA1 Front Screen Holder (18) Qty EA
Front Screen Holder (24)
GPI96434CW Screen Frame Clamp Qty EA
11244GA1 Front Head Cross Shaft Qty EA
Rear Screen Bracket
Rear Screen Holder (18)
11202BGA1 Rear Screen Holder (24) Qty EA
11580GA1 Knob Qty EA
GPILAB1220 Micro-Registration Grid Qty
GA1-11415A Counter Qty EA
GPICL0012 Collar 1/2" OD Qty EA
Valve Body
S-Hook, 1/8"
Hose, 1-5/8"
GA1-11246A Spring Qty EA
Vacuum Tube
GPI11517B Motor Brushes Qty EA
GPIPLG7594 Outlet Qty EA
Foot Pedal
GPIREC7596 Guard Qty EA
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