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American Cameo 18, 24, & 24SS

Item Number Description Add to Cart
Reducer 60:1
GPIFB68K54 Flange Bearing Qty EA
Extension Shaft
11249GA1 Mounting Bracket Qty EA
GPIMS008BZ Limit Switch Qty EA
GPIMSAD57 Limit Switch Actuator Qty EA
GPIPB1623 Pillow Book Qty EA
11301AGA1 Cam Weldment for 24SS Qty EA
GPICL0012 Collar 1/2" OD Qty EA
GPIFB81213 Bronze Bushing Qty EA
11123GA1 Carriage Cross Shaft Qty EA
11161AGA1 Chopper Lever Qty EA
11906GA1 Peel Bearing Qty EA
GPISS100 Shoulder Screw, 1/2" D Qty EA
GPI102602NW Nylon Washer, 5/8" B Qty EA
GA1-11119L Carriage Plate (Left Hand) Qty EA
GA1-11119R Carriage Plate (Right Hand) Qty EA
11120AGA1 Chopper Bracket Qty EA
12102AGA1 Squeegee Holder Mount Assembly Qty EA
12104AGA1 Flood Bar Holder Mount Assembly Qty EA
11152GA1 Holding Bar (18) Qty EA
11117GA1 Holding Bar (24) Qty EA
12307GA1 Lock Nut Qty EA
GA1-231806 Threaded Rod Qty EA
Leveler Lock Nut
Leveler Pad
GA1-11911 Rod End Qty EA
11912GA1 Turn Buckle Qty EA
GA1-11910 Rod End (RH)
Front Peel Bracket
Head Track Left Hand (18)
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