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Daytona Automatic

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GA1-11671 Mod Pot 1.0M R1 Qty EA
GA1-116183 Mod Pot 10K R2, R3, R10 Qty EA
GPI125VLWR Pilot Light Red 120V L4, L5, L7 Qty EA
Mod Pot 10K w/ Lock Bushing R11
Pilot Light Green 120V L8, L9
GPI0001SW SPST Toggle Switch Qty EA
4PST Toggle Switch S5, 1-2
Pilot Light Red 250V L1, L2, L3, L6
3 Position Toggle Switch S2
GA1-136021 SPDT Pushbutton Qty EA
GA1-136021G Guard S1 Qty EA
GA1-136022G Green Cap Qty EA
GA1-146373 Counter 24VDC Qty EA
GA1-14634 Emergency Stop Pushbutton Qty EA
DPST Toggle Switch S10 1-2
GPIV44 Air Valve ON/OFF Switch Qty EA
GPIAR42120 Regulator Qty EA
GA1-917181 Air Gauge 1-100 psi Qty EA
GA1-116320H Speed Controller Qty EA
Eprom 4K
GA1-136090 ICM Controller Qty EA
AC Line Supressor ACS-1
GA1-R1502RH Relay DPDT 24VDC Qty EA
GA1-11605 Relay DPDT 120VAC
Relay Base
GPIT562510K1 Timer 24VDC 0-10 sec. TM1
GA1-16662B Timer Base Qty EA
GA1-11605A Holddown Spring Qty EA
GPI136036 Power Supply 24VDC PS1
Fuse 25A/250V
Fuse 10A/250V
GPI01FF01 Fuse 1A/250V Qty EA
GPI8FF08 Fuse 8A/250V Qty EA
GPI15FF15 Fuse 15A/250V Qty EA
2 Pole Fuseholder
1 Pole Fuseholder
Contactor 2 Pole 40A/240V
GPI212030CTR Contactor 2NO 40A/120V Qty EA
GPI1360391 Contactor 2NO/2NC 32A/120V Qty EA
Resistor 1OHM, 25W
Resistor Bracket
GPIREC7596 Foot Pedal Outlet Qty EA
GPIPLG7594 Foot Pedal Plug Qty EA
GPICFP0102 Foot Pedal
Air Filter
GA1-1311025 Lubricator Qty EA
Sheet Detector SD1, SD2
Stock Stop Block
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