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American Cameo 38
Air Squeegeelizer Components

Item Number Description Add to Cart
Air Filter 1/4
Bracket Air Filter Mounting
GPIME1414 Elbow 1/4-1/4 Qty EA
Lubricator 1/4
Bracket Lubricating Mounting
Air Valve
GPIMC1418 Male Connector 1/4-1/8 Qty EA
Breather Valve
GPIME1418 Male Elbow 1/4-18 Qty EA
Bracket Air Valve Mounting
GPIV44 3-Way Valve On-Off Qty EA
GPIAR42120 Regulator 1/4 Qty EA
GPIAR42120N Mounting Nut For Regulator Qty EA
GA1-917181 Gauge 0-100 Qty EA
Elbow Female 1/4-1/8