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American Cameo 38
Vacuum Table Components

Item Number Description Add to Cart
11569RGA1 Bracket Front Bed Lock - Right Hand Qty EA
11569LGA1 Bracket Front Bed Lock - Left Hand Qty EA
11580GA1 Washer Table Holddown Qty EA
GPISHC255 Screw 3/8 x 16 x 1 x LG Qty EA
Registration Arrow
GPILAB1220 Grid Registration Decal Qty
Outer Sub Base
115102GA1 Registration Knob Assembly Qty EA
1151021GA1 Threaded Stem Qty EA
12847GA1 Button Pad Qty EA
Inner Sub Base
Tee Bracket - Spring Mounting
GA1-ST57512 Spring Qty EA
Nylon Pad Bed Support
Rear Bed Lock Bracket
Nipple 1-1/4 x 2
Pipe Flange
Vacuum Bed
Vacuum Hose 1-5/8 Diameter
Hose Clamp