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American Cameo 30
Drive Components

Item Number Description Add to Cart
Motor 3/4 HP 90V DC
Brushes For Motor
11359GA1 Drive Arm Qty EA
650105GA1 Cam Bolt Qty EA
GPIRE10LGP Rod End 5/8-18 - Left Hand Qty EA
GPIRE10GP Rod End 5/8-18 - Right Hand Qty EA
11351GA1 Main Cam Qty EA
26330000GA1 Reducer 60:1 Qty EA
GPIVB4045 V-Belt Qty EA
1138301GA1 Taper Lock Bushing Qty EA
GPICFH0086S Cam Roll - 1-3/8" Diameter Qty EA
GPIPB1623 Head Pivot Bearing Qty EA
GPIFB16230 Bearing / Shaft Mounting Qty EA
Shaft Arm Pivot
11362GA1 Turn Buckle Qty EA
11365GA1 Lock Clamp Stroke Adjustment Qty EA