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American Cameo 38
Sub Panel Components

Item Number Description Add to Cart
GPIREC7596 Foot Pedal Receptacle Qty EA
Terminal Strip 24T
Diode 1A 600V
Resistor 1K 1/2W
GPIRS5100 Resistor Brake 5 ohms Qty EA
Resistor Mounting Bracket
GPI01FF01 Fuse 1A Qty EA
Fuse Holder 1P
GPI8FF08 Fuse 8A Qty EA
Fuse Holder 2P
Fuse 10A
Fuse Holder 1P
GPI1360391 Contactor Qty EA
GA1-R10121P Relay 1P Qty EA
Relay Base 1P
Holddown Spring
GA1-11605 Relay DPDT
Relay base 2P
GA1-11605A Holddown Spring Qty EA
GPIT761110K1 Timer
GA1-16662B Timer Base Qty EA
GA1-116320H Speed Control Board Qty EA