Replacement Parts and Remanufacturing Services for Screen Printer
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Item Number Description Add to Cart
Lift Arm Upper L.H. Qty
Retaining Ring Qty
GA1-40170 Bearing Qty EA
G40212GA1 Screen Arm Bracket
GPISB16T Bearing Qty EA
End Casting Left Qty
End Casting Right Qty
#720 Wing Nut 5/16-18 Qty
FH-GA1L1 Screen Clamp Assembly Qty EA
Block Screen Holder Qty
Screen Holder Qty
GPIB1216NB Bearing Needle Qty EA
40107GA1 Plate, Squeegee Holder Qty EA
40103GA1 Squeegee Holder Knob Qty EA
40109GA1 Squeegee Holder Stud Qty EA
40106GA1 Squeegee Holder Spacer Qty EA
40104GA1 Side Plate, Squegee Holder Qty EA
40112GA1 Knob Squeegee Holder Qty EA
Squeegee Bar 12" Qty
Squeegee Bar Block Qty
Squeegee Carrier Plate Qty
40102GA1 Slide Squeegee Holder Qty EA
40108GA1 Squeegee Retainer Block Qty EA
Clamp Squeegee Assembly 4" Long Qty
Squeegee Drive Arm-Block Qty
GPIRR0626 Retaining Ring Qty EA
401213GA1 Squeegee Drive Arm-Rear Bearing Qty EA
Squeegee Drive Arm Qty
Lift Arm Upper R.H. Qty
Shaft, Lift Arm Qty
402201LGA1 Lift Arm Lower Left Qty EA
402201RGA1 Lift Arm Lower Right Qty EA
Clamping Collar Qty
Drive Housing Qty
Retaining Ring Qty
GA1-40170 Bearing Qty EA
Lower Squeegee Carriage Qty
Accessory Bracket Right Qty
Accessory Bracket Left Qty
402211GA1 Shaft, Head, & Carriage
Arm, Head, Lift Assembly Qty
Pillow Block Qty
Shaft, Lift Arm Qty
Camrol Bearing Qty
GPIRE12LGP Rod End Trel-12N, Left, Upper Qty EA
GPIRE12G Rod End Trel-12N, Right, Upper Qty EA
403202AGA1 Offset Bearing Assembly Qty EA
Drive Bearing Assembly Qty
Tube Lift Adj. Qty
Reducer 4ct. 40:1 Qty
40350GA1 Lift Cam Qty EA
GPIAK2512 Pulley 2 x 1/2 x 3/4 Bore Qty EA
GPIVB4026 V-Belt 4L260 Qty EA
GPIAK2510 Pulley 2 x 1/2 x 5/8 Bore Qty EA
GA1-M011DF Motor 1/2 HP DC 90V
Stop & Slow Speed Cams
GPIMS054BZ Microswitch Qty EA
GPIMSE28 LS Enclosure Qty EA
Stop Cam Qty
Speed Cam Qty
Drive Guides
Gear Rack Qty
40350GA1 Lift Cam Qty EA
Vertical Guide Rail Plate Qty
Guide Bearing Block Qty
Guide Bearing Stud Qty
GA1-40304 Bearing
Rail Guide Qty
Horizontal Guide Rail Plate Qty
Drive Flag Position for Cylindrical Printing
401210GM1 Screen Drive Fork Mounting Bar Qty EA
Flag Shaft Actuating Qty
Lug Drive Qty
Carriage Drive Over Fork Qty
Drive Flag Position for Cylindrical Printing Qty
401217GA1 Support Nut Qty EA
401216GA1 Release Pin Qty EA
GPI042BA Knob Release Pin Qty EA
GA1-CS01524 Spring Compression Qty EA
1/2-20 x 1-1/2 Large Cone Point Set Screw Qty
1/2-20 Jam Nut Qty
Control Box
LED Red #559-0101-001 Qty
LED Yellow #559-0301-001 Qty
LED Green #559-0201-001 Qty
Circuit Breaker Qty
GA1-11618 AB Mod Pot Qty EA
GPI1164SW Switch #2206 3-Position Qty EA
GA1-53695 Knob Control #KBHP1-1/4 OD Qty EA
GA1-406217 Mod Pot Switch
Circuit Board
Plug 9 pin Amp #1-480706-0 Qty
Plug 4 Pin Amp #1-480702-0 Qty
GA1-116320M2 Speed Control 150SS #600101 Qty EA
Plug 12 Pin Amp #1-480708-0 Qty