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Super Turbo Textile Dryer

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GPITCPXZ4 Temperature Controller, 240VAC, PYZ4-RAY1-OV Qty EA
GPISC001 Speed Controller, 240VAC, #MM22011A-0424
Pot Mod 1.5K, 2Watt
GPIRLY0001 Relay Solid State, #RA2450HA08, 240V Qty EA
GPIRLY0004 Solid State Relay 25A, 480V (replacement for GPIRLY0002) Qty EA
GA1-546508 Solid State Controller #R40B, 240V
Pot Mod 750K, 2 Watt
GPIAXF009 Fan Axial, 234V 4-11/16 Qty EA
Fingerguard 4"
Contactor DP22-240VAC
GPI56601 Current Sensing Transf. Qty EA
Terminal Section #223
End Terminal #223
GPITRML003 Terminal Section #824 Qty EA
GPITRML004 End Terminal #824 Qty EA
GPI50FF50 Fuse, 50A, 250V, FRN-R-50 Qty EA
GPI15FF15 Fuse, 12A, 250V, FRN-15 Qty EA
GPI614FF614 Fuse, 6.2A, 250V, FRN-1 Qty EA
Fuse, 1A, 250V, FRN-1
GPI25FF25 Fuse, 2.5A, 250V, FRN-R-25 Qty EA
Fuse, 3.2A, 250V, FRN-3
GPI600025 Fuse, 2.5A, 600V, FRS-R-25
Fuse, 6.2A, 600V, FRS-R-6.2
Quartz Lamp 208V 1000 Watt 35.25"L
Quartz Lamp 208V 1000 Watt 38.25"L
GPITRMLMB Ceramic Terminals with Hardware Qty EA