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Accu-Cure Ultraviolet Curing Unit

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Main Control Box
GPI80FF80 Fuse, 80 Amps, 240 VAC Qty EA
GPI80FF80 Fuse, 80 Amps, 240 VAC Qty EA
GPI15FF15 Fuse, 15 Amps, 240 VAC Qty EA
GPI14FF14 Fuse, 6 Amps, 240 VAC
GPIFF3 Fuse, 3 Amps, 240 VAC Qty EA
GPI5F05 Fuse, 5 Amps, 240 VAC Qty EA
GAO-RLMA401 Relay, 4 Pole, Coil 120 VAC
GAO-RLMA201 Relay, 2 Pole, Coil 120 VAC
Chassis and Curing Head
GAO-UVL38301 UV Lamp, 38" Length Qty EA
GAO-UVL48301 UV Lamp, 48" Length Qty EA
GAO-UVL60301 UV Lamp, 60" Length Qty EA
RFS36AGA0 Reflector, 36" Length
RFS48AGA0 Reflector, 48" Length
RFS60AGA0 Reflector, 60" Length
GPIBC36240 Conveyor Belt, 36" x 20'
GPIBC48240 Conveyor Belt, 48" x 20'
GPIBC60240 Conveyor Belt, 60" x 20'
GAO-SWL0007 Door Switch
GPIAXF018 Cooling Fan, 115 VAC