Replacement Parts and Remanufacturing Services for Screen Printer
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Accu-Print High-Tech HL

Item Number Description Add to Cart
GAO-CF481628 Cam Follower (Head Lift)
GAO-RD30HU50 Reducer (Head Lift)
GAO-TB0612 Timing Belt (Drive Carriage)
GPIRC004S Chain (Head Up/Down)
GPIVB5034 V Belt (Head Lift)
GAO-BA820600 Belt (Drive Carriage)
GAO-BLW2X Guide Wheel
GAO-BLBX2 Adapter Adjustment
GAO-CH35D Chain (Table Drive)
GAO-RE08R Rod End (Table Drive)
BLGSR30TBGAO Linear System Block (Table Drive)
9475001GAO Shaft (Peel)
RE0606MGAO Rod End (Peel)
GAO-GM375R2D Gearhead (Head)
Pneumatic Replacement Parts
GAO-AC2416BRPSR Air Cylinder (Peel)
Qty EA
GAO-AC1204P Air Cylinder (Pin Registration)
Qty EA
GAO-AC1208P Air Cylinder (Gripper)
Qty ea
GAO-AC2448PD83 Air Cylinder (Gripper)
Qty ea
GAO-AV72204 Valve (Squeegee & floodbar)
Qty EA
GAO-AC0111AKL Station with 10 Valves
GAO-SWP002 Stroke Sensor (Magnetic Proximity Sensor)
Qty EA
GAO-SWP002M Magnet For SWP002
Qty EA
GPIMR07D Head Lift Motor
Qty EA
FO002 10W Non-Detergent Oil (Pneumatic Regulator)
Control Panel Replacement Parts
GAO-SWH0014 Switch Red Mushroom Head
GAO-SWH0012 Switch Pb Green
GPI0028RV Potentiometer 5K
Qty EA
GPI0042RV Potentiometer 1 Meg
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0030K Switch Keylock
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0015 Switch Selector 3Pos
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0013 Switch PB Black
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0025 Switch PB Miniature (Black)
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0002 Switch Toggle 2 Pos
GAO-PLT0003 Pilot Light Amber
GPI009SW Switch Toggle 3 Pos
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0075 Switch Toggle 2 Pos
GAO-SWH0016 Switch Rocker
Qty EA
GPIV44 On/Off Switch
Qty EA
GPIAR421 Pressure Control Regulator
GAO-AG3204 Pressure Gauge
Control Panel Replacement Parts
GPIFJ025 F1-3 Fuse 25A 250V
GPIFF6 F4 Fuse 6A 250V
GPIFF2 F5 Fuse 2A 250V
Qty EA
GPIFF4 F6-7 Fuse 4A 250V
GPIFF3 F8-9 Fuse 3A 250V
Qty EA
GPI12FF12 F10-11 Fuse 12A 250V
GAO-SC0017 SC1-2 Speed Controller
GAO-SC0009 SC-3 Speed Controller
Qty EA
SC-4 Speed Controller
GAO-CTR30504 C1 Contactor 40A 3 Pole
GAO-CTR3050C2 C1 Aux Contact 2 No
Qty EA
GAO-CTR22301 C2 Contactor 40A 2No/2Nc
GAO-RLMA2002 K1 Relay 2 Pole
Qty EA
GAO-RLMA202 K2-10 Relay 2 Pole
GAO-51PLC07 PLC56 Aromat 56 I/O
GAO-PLCE160 E16 Expansion 8 In 8 Out
Qty EA
GAO-DIS01 D1 Uni-Op Display 51
GAO-TR004021 TR1 Transformer
GAO-RLST008 T1 Timer Solid State
GAO-PS024D1 PS1 Power Supply
Other Electrical Parts
GAO-RS100300D Brake Res Resistor
GAO-SWH00181 FP Foot Pedal Assembled
GAO-SWL001 LS3-4 Limit Switch
GAO-SWL0015 LS5 Limit Switch
Qty EA
GAO-SWS0001 Safety Safety Switch
Qty EA
GAO-ENC002 Enc Encoder
Qty EA
GAO-51M0D01 Modem Modem51
GAO-54C0M05 Modem Modem Cord
GAO-SWAP01 SWP Switch Pressure
Qty EA
GAO-FH103561 F1-3 7-11 Fuse Holder
GAO-FH101230E F4-6 Fuse Holder
GAO-TR050021 TR2 Transformer
Qty EA
GAO-FAN0001 Fan
GAO-54C0M03 Uni-Op Cable
2MS11-080 Vacuum Blower
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0012A Contact Block No (Green)
Qty EA
GAO-SWH0012B Contact Block Nc (Red)
GAO-SWH0012C Contact Block Early (Yellow)
Qty EA