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Accu-Cure Conveyor Rollers
Conveyor Roller

GPI and AWT manufactures conveyor rollers for use in ALL conveyorized applications. We manufacture them from light weight precision ground aluminum, evenly balanced. For smooth, long life and low or high speed turning applications, we use only the finest self lubricating ball bearings inside each roller. We either manufacture them as straight, "idler rollers or "Crowned" rollers for belt tracking stability.

Use crowned rollers on both sides of your conveyor for best stability. The drive roller side uses "pillar block type of self lubricating ball bearings and the idler side, (the tension side roller), uses high precision self lubricating, ball bearings, inside the end caps of each roller. Conveyor rollers come in different diameters as required.

Roller shafts, sprockets and pillar blocks can be ordered as an option. Steel rollers and rubber coated rollers are available by special request.

We manufacture rollers for specific applications like screen printing dryers of all types and also manufacture to order. If you do not see what you need, please inquire.

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12" Drive Roller

12" Idler

05601100GAO 24" Drive Roller

05601200GAO 24" Idler

03201100GAO 36" Drive Roller

03201200GAO 36" Idler

03001100GAO 48" Drive Roller

03001200GAO 48" Idler

03601100GAO 60" Drive Roller

Qty EA

03601200GAO 60" Idler

Qty EA

11201100GAO 72" Drive Roller

11201200GAO 72" Idler