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Performance Features of Thermocouples:

Extremely high temperature capability and are with "stainless steel" Braided coverings with extra long, 12 foot (3.65 meter) long cable leads.

Thermocouples are extremely rugged. They are resistant to shock, vibration, and are also corrosion resistant. All thermocouples come with "stainless steel" fittings.

Fast response, fine wire thermocouples are compact, flexible and are suitable for point sensing. Always choose the "K" style when the reading middle range temperature to be achieved is in the middle.

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GA1-536641 Thermocouple type "K" Yellow Top Mount Plug-in Style, Infrared Panel w/ 12 foot lead Qty EA  
GA1-53664T Thermocouple type "K" Panel Insert Probe Style 1200° - 2400° F(-17 - 649° C ) w/ 12 foot lead Qty EA  
GA1-566054 Thermocouple Type "J", Hot Air 0-1200° F(-17-648° C) w/ 12 foot lead Qty EA  
GAO-TCH001T Optical Infrared Thermocouple w/ 12 foot lead Qty EA  
GN2THJ88 Thermocouple Type "J" with 8" probe and 8 foot lead used on National Dryers 0 to 1200F (-17 to 649C) Qty EA