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Metric Size Fitting: Male Connectors
Male Connector Fitting NPT ThreadMale Connector Fitting NPT Diagram Male Connector Fitting 10-32 UNF Thread
Male Connector NPT Male Connector 10-32 UNF
Male Connector can be used to pipe in the same direction from female portion.
Item Tube O.D. Pipe Size

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GPIMC4M18 4mm 1/8"

GPIMC4M14 4mm 1/4"

GPIMC6M18 6mm 1/8"

GPIMC6M14 6mm 1/4"

GPIMC6M38 6mm 3/8"

GPIMC8M18 8mm 1/8"

GPIMC8M14 8mm 1/4"

GPIMC8M38 8mm 3/8"

GPIMC10M18 10mm 1/8"

GPIMC10M14 10mm 1/4"

GPIMC10M38 10mm 3/8"

GPIMC10M12 10mm 1/2"

GPIMC12M14 12mm 1/4"

GPIMC12M38 12mm 3/8"

GPIMC12M12 12mm 1/2"

GPIMC16M38 16mm 3/8"

GPIMC16M12 16mm 1/2"