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American 40-4156-2
AWT 'Rack-It' Model DR-48-50 and American 40-4156-2
  All parts are original American Rack King and AWT Rack-It Drying Rack Parts.
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RSH-4850 31 x 48 Shelf Qty EA
RBA-4850 Base
RUP-4850 Upright
RBS-4850 Back Stop Bar
RAS-4850 Angle Stop Bar
RKI-4850 Hardware Kit
RKH-4850 Heat Resistant Hardware Kit
Drying Rack Replacement Springs

Drying Rack Replacement Spring
Spring Diagram

Measure the length of your spring from end to end, including the spring 'hooks'.

Part No Dimension  

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RSP-4 4" Standard

Qty EA

RSP-5 5" Standard

Qty EA

RSP-6 6" Standard

Qty EA

RSP-4HR 4" Heat Resistant

Qty EA

RSP-5HR 5" Heat Resistant

Qty EA