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M8 Male Thread Gas Springs
Gas Springs with fixed force provide consistent, non-adjustable amount of output force. Each gas spring has a heavy gauge cylinder and steel reinforced V-lip rubber seal to keep gas in and the contaminants out. The piston rod is blackened steel. Hydraulic fluid lubricates and provides end of travel dampening. Gas springs have threaded ends to attach fittings sold separately. Each gas spring has a temperature range of -10 to 176 F.
M8 Male Thread Gas Springs
Item Stroke Lg. (A) Extension Force, lbs. Comp. Lg. (B) Extend. Lg. (C) Rod Dia. (D) Cyl. Dia. (E)

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GPI42638100GS 10.24" 100* 16.14" 26.38" .39" .87"

GPI2800100GS 12.80" 100* 15.20" 28.00" .39" .87"

GPI3394100GS 16.14" 100* 17.80" 33.94" .39" .87"

* Other Extension Forces Available, please contact us for more information.