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J. Series Style Potentiometers

LINEAR TAPER (Hot Molded plain 3/8" long bushing, 7/8" long by 1/4" slotted shaft. Temperature range for all units is -55 to 120 C. All units include one mounting nut and one lock washer.)
Item Type Ohmic Value

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GPI0100OHM JAIN056S101UA 100

GPI0150OHM JAIN056S151UA 150

GPI0200OHM JAIN056S201UA 200

GPI0250OHM JAIN056S251UA 250

GPI0500OHM JAIN056S501UA 500

GPI0001KP JAIN056S102UA 1.0K

GPI0002KP JAIN056S202UA 2.0K

Qty EA

GPI0003KP JAIN056S252UA 2.5K

GPI0004KP JAIN056S352UA 3.5K

GPI0005KP JAIN056S502UA 5.0K

GPI0006KP JAIN056S103UA 10K

GPI0007KP JAIN056S153UA 15K

GPI0008KP JAIN056S203UA 20K

GPI0009KP JAIN056S253UA 25K

GPI0010KP JAIN056S353UA 35K

GPI0011KP JAIN056S503UA 50K

GPI0012KP JAIN056S753UA 75K

GPI0013KP JAIN056S104UA 100K

GPI0014KP JAIN056S154UA 150K

GPI0015KP JAIN056S204UA 200K

GPI0016KP JAIN056S254UA 250K

GPI0017KP JAIN056S354UA 350K

GPI0018KP JAIN056S504UA 500K

GPI0019KP JAIN056S754UA 750K

GPI0020KP JAIN056S105UA 1.0M

GPI0021KP JAIN056S205UA 2.0M

GPI0022KP JAIN056S255UA 2.5M

GPI0023KP JAIN056S355UA 3.5M

GPI0024KP JAIN056S505UA 5.0M

PANEL POTENTIOMETERS - DUAL LINEAR (3/8" long plain bushing. 2" long, 1/4" dia. plain end shaft.)
Item Type Ohmic Value

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GPI0020DK JD1N200P251UA 250K

GPI0021DK JD1N200P501UA 500K

GPI0022DK JD1N200P102UA 1.0K

GPI0023DK JD1N200P252UA 2.5K

GPI0024DK JD1N200P502UA 5.0K

GPI0025DK JD1N200P103UA 10K

GPI0026DK JD1N200P253UA 25K

GPI0027DK JD1N200P503UA 50K

GPI0028DK JD1N200P104UA 100K

GPI0029DK JD1N200P201UC 200K

PANEL POTENTIOMETERS - LINEAR TAPER (1/2" Locking bushing; 5/8" long, 1/4" dia. slotted shaft.)
Item Type Ohmic Value

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GPI0030DK JAIL040S101 100

GPI0031DK JAIL040S501 500

GPI0032DK JAIL040S102 1.0K

GPI0033DK JAIL040S252 2.5K

GPI0034DK JAIL040S352 3.5K

GPI0035DK JAIL040S502 5.0K

GPI0036DK JAIL040S103 10K

GPI0037DK JAIL040S503 50K

GPI0038DK JAIL040S254 250K