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Thiemer Screen Exposing Lamps
Thieme Screen Exposing Lamps  GPI is a specially technical lamp and bulb supplier for hundreds of different units. Screen Exposing Systems, U.V. curing units, and more. All lamps and bulbs are of the highest quality – most in stock for immediate delivery.
Part No Theimer Lamp Number
Exposing Unit*
Lamp Type

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GT1TMH001 THS1000

Qty EA

GT1TMH002 THS1007    

GT1TMH003 THS1037    

GT1TMH004 THS1507    

GT1TMH005 THS2420    

GT1TMH006 THS2427    

GT1TMH007 THS3000    

GT1TMH008 THS3007    

GT1TMH009 THS3020    

Qty EA

GT1TMH010 THS3027    

Qty EA

GT1TMH011 THS4020

GT1TMH012 THS4027    

GT1TMH013 THS5000    

GT1TMH014 THS5007    

GT1TMH015 THS5009    

GT1TMH016 THS5020    

GT1TMH017 THS5027    

GT1TMH018 THS5029    

GT1TMH019 THS6020    

GT1TMH020 THS6027    

Qty EA

GT1TMH021 THS8027    

*Lamps are known to work, but not limited to, the listed exposing units.