Replacement Parts and Remanufacturing Services for Screen Printer
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AWT World Trade, Inc.
4321 N. Knox Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641-1906
Phone:  773.777.7100
Fax: 773.777.0909

Your COMPLETE Manufacturing Source for Screen Printing Equipment & Supplies

  • Accu-Print Series of Graphic Screen Printers
  • Econo-Tex Series of Textile Printers
  • Kleen-View & Clean-Eze Screen Washing Systems
  • Print-Tex Series of Automatic Textile Printers
  • Versa-Print & Di-Versa-Print 3D or Parts Screen Printers
  • Pro-Light Series of Exposing Systems
  • Rack-It Series of Drying & Storage Racks
  • Seri-Glide One-Man Squeegee Unit
  • Sharper Image Series of Squeegee Sharpeners

  • Super Turbo Electric & Gas Dryers
  • Accu-Cure Series of UV & 3D Dryers
  • Jet-Stream Gas & Electric Dryers
  • Tornado Ink Mixers
  • Frames & Fabric
  • Touch-up brushes, disposable gloves & aprons, spatulas, tape, registration guides
  • Liquid Seal Fabric-to-Frame Adhesive, pallet adhesive, blockout, emulsion remover, Spot-Off
                                        ... and much more!
Remanufactured Equipment

With more than 20 years experience in the screen printing industry, AWT World Trade understands the challenges that printers face - including the rising cost of new equipment. Thatís one problem AWT has eliminated for you with a remanufactured line of screen printing equipment! AWT can take a press or dryer thatís five, ten or even 15 years old and rebuild it to a like-new condition at a fraction of the cost required for a new machine.When you purchase remanufactured equipment from AWT, youíll know exactly what youíre getting - the highest quality and finest built equipment in the industry - all backed with a 90-day warranty! We pride ourselves on using the highest quality parts and standards, giving you top quality equipment at a price you can afford!