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Please provide us with the correct specifications we need to manufacture the correct blanket for your application.
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Filling out the Form:
  1. Select the type of rubber.
  2. Enter the dimensions for blanket, beading and valves (if applicable). Use the diagram as a guide. The diagram reflects your blanket as if you are standing in front of your exposing unit, looking directly at it.
  3. Select the type and location of beading or NONE.
  4. Select the stem for your valve(s) or NONE.
  5. Specify the equipment manufacturer and year.
  6. Click the Submit button to review your form.
IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you order a blanket 1-1/2 to 2" larger than your frame (both length and width) for ease in installation. The excess can be trimmed after mounting
Rubber Type:
NP "Live" Rubber NP, Lined, Foam Rubber
Unit of Measure:
Inches CM
Beading Dimensions - Inside:
Outer Blanket Dimensions:
Valve Specifications:
Type of Beading Required: Location of Beading:    Cloth Side    Rubber Side

P Type
3/4" W x 1/2" H

1/2" Foam
3/4" W x 1/2" H

1" Foam
1/2" W x 1" H
Type of Stem Required:

Short Stem

Long Stem

Long, Angled Stem
GPI has manufactured rubber blankets for many different manufactures. By specifing the manufacturer, we are able to put our knowledge from years of experience in making specific replacement blankets into your new rubber blanket.
Equipment Manufacturer:   Year Mfg'd: