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Conveyor Belts
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G.P.I.ís Belt Tracking Rollers can be fitted to equipment from any manufacturer

Maintain your conveyor belts in optimal condition and increase belt life with Belt Tracking Rollers™ from G.P.I. The Belt Tracking technology is adaptable to a wide range of equipment and keeps conveyor belts in perfect alignment, reducing wear and tear, and boosting overall production efficiency.

Unlike other available belt-tracking systems, G.P.I.’s Belt Tracking Rollers can be used in a wide variety of applications and with Equipment from any manufacturer, and do not require the purchase and use of special conveyor belts.

G.P.I.’s Belt Tracking Rollers are sold in pairs, and are adaptable to a variety of conveyor system.

  • Significantly extend conveyor belt lifespan
  • Use with equipment from any manufacturer
  • No special belts or other parts required
  • Heavy-duty rollers
  • Steel mounting brackets
If you are seeking to limit belt wear and reduce the incidence of conveyor belt replacement, a set of Belt Tracking Rollersfrom G.P.I will increase operational efficiency and cut costs.

Conveyor Belt Tracking System

G.P.I's new belt tracking device is easy to bolt down to most any dryer. Fits under the belt and so the belt "rides" on the agled rollers forcing the belt to stay tracked and in place. Once in place and the conveyor belt is riding the rollers, the belt has nowhere to go but straight. This system can be moved from dryer to dryer and will last forever. This is a permanent solution.

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GPI-BTR2 Roller tracking device for easy belt tracking - SET OF 2 Qty EA

     G.P.I's Lagging tape is a quick and low cost way to guide your conveyor belt throught your dryer and to stop the "walking" of the belt as it is running. High temperatures, over tightening and not guiding properly a belt are some causes of belt swaying from side to side.

Use G.P.I's lagging tape to control the belt movement. One side is pressure sensitive and will adhere to your roller. Wrap the tape around the roller to control the belt movement from side to side. You can do this on both ends on the rollers.
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GPIBCLAG-T Conveyor belt lagging tape 1" X 36 YARD Roll (2.5CM x 33MTS)
Lagging tape helps trace belting mesh. You apply dierctly onto your conveyor rollers to prevent belt movement.
Qty EA