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High Performance Conveyor Belts For All Types Of Drying Systems
FiberlonTM - Constructed from Telflon* coated fiberglass.  The optimum amount of Teflon resin along with very high quality woven fiberglass fabric give these belts their excellent characteristics.  Resistant to chemicals and heat up to 500o F (287o C), dimensionally very stable, allowing maximum air flow for even drying.  Available in Tan or Black**  with widths up to 120" (305 cm).
*Teflon and Nomex are Registered Trademarks of DuPont Co.  Fiberlon and Nomeflex are Trademarks of A.W.T. / G.P.I.

**Black Belts are U.V. Resistant Coated which extends the life of the belt.  Independent studies show that belts coated with U.V. Black retain a greater percentage of tensile strength than the conventional Tan.  This coating is only available on FiberlonTM and NomeflexTM belts.

Standard Features:

  • Double Sewn Edges
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Excellent Tracking
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Standard Alligator Lacing
  • High Quality Edge Reinforcements
  • Industry's Heaviest Teflon Coating For Handling Sharp Materials
  • Temperature Resistance Up To 500oF (287oC)
  • All GPI Belts come with 5 mm Tear and Crease Resistant Edges